Editable Bible verse and Christian Quote database catagorized by topic.

truthrepo screenshot

In the final three weeks of my Advanced Web Apps course, we were assigned a final project in which we had to include at least two of the following: Python, Web scraping, a SQL database, a Flask app. When I was conceptualizing the TruthRepo app, I proposed a Bible verse database app that catagorizes different bible verses inspirational quotes from Christian authors that apply to different topics or challenges we face in life. I also wanted to make it editable so visitors would be able to add their own quotes and verses.

I used python, flask, bootstrap, wtf forms, and SQLAlchemy to present a select menu of topics that will link to that individual record page. I also included web forms for when users want to add to a record. To store my data, I used a MySQL database.

Check out the Github repo

View the project in action here.