The Star Wars Minor Character Database

Name Movie Physical description Updated
Bail Organa episode-two Human male, tan skinned with dark features, middle-aged. 02-07-2017
Biggs Darklighter episode-four Human male starfighter pilot and childhood friend of Luke Skywalker 02-08-2017
Boba Fett episode-six Human male, tan-skinned, brunette, usually clad in armor and helmet 02-07-2017
Captain Phasma episode-seven Tall female clad in armor, species unknown. 02-07-2017
Greedo episode-four Rodian male with rough green skin and large protruding eyes 02-07-2017
Jar Jar Binks episode-one Gungon with high-pitched, annoying presence 02-07-2017
Kit Fisti episode-two Green wit Green Dreads 02-13-2017
Maz Kanata episode-seven Thousand-year old female, species unknown 02-07-2017
Megan Gio episode-seven Dark curly brown hair 01-20-2018
Mon Mothma episode-six White, middle-aged woman with blonde pixie cut. Tall stature and long neck. 02-07-2017
Oola episode-six A Twi\'lek female with light green skin and red lips 02-07-2017
Shmi Skywalker episode-one White, middle-aged human female from Tatooine. Medium height. 02-07-2017
Watto episode-one Toydarian male with large teeth and an elephant-like snout. Bluish/grey skin with yellow eyes and a yellow belly. 02-07-2017
Wicket W. Warrick episode-six Male Ewok with brown fluffy fur and a scrunched face 02-07-2017
Zam Wesell episode-two Female Clawdite with shape-shifting abilities to become a human woman. 02-07-2017

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