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For my Minor in Nonprofit Organizational Leadership at the University of Florida, I am required to complete a 240-hour practicum or internship with a nonprofit organization. The mission of Created Gainesville is a nonprofit after my own heart, as their mission is to reach and restore women caught in sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. Combining my passion for the empowerment of women with my skills in communications and design, I became Created Gainesville's first ever Marketing Intern.

Created is a small nonprofit with only three paid staff members, so I had a unique opportunity learn an immense amount about facilitating effective marketing and communications for a nonprofit organization. I was given valuable hands-on experience, as I maximized Created Gainesville's social media engagement by overhauling and streamlining their social media accounts, played a significant role in spearheading two successful fundraising campaigns, maintained their website, and became a public advocate and communicator for Created, championing this awe-inspiring organization.

Combining my internship with a senior project requirement for my Major in Telecommunications, I also had the provilege to make Becky's Story, a visual storytelling piece featuring multimedia elements, covering the inspiring story of one of the women who has been through Created Care.

Check out some of the work I have completed for Created Gainesville below!

Butterfly Blitz Campaign

The Butterfly Blitz campaign, a 56-hour fundraising intiative from January 19th-21st, 2018, was the first fundraising campaign that I got to be apart of at Created Gainesville. For every $10 donation, donors would recieve a Created Gainesville butterfly sticker. We partnered with three local businesses to sell stickers, and also made them availiable online. To spread awareness, we posted promotional videos and a constant stream of social media graphics that I created, using an app that I suggested to schedule the posts beforehand. At the end of the 56 hours, we raised over $7,000 for Created Gainesville!

Butterfly Blitz Campaign Promotional Material

The Amazing Give

The Amazing Give was a 24-hour online fundraising effort from March 21st - March 22nd, hosted by the Community Foundation of North Central Florida and other sponsors. Created Gainesville, along with 60 other local non-profits, participated in this initiative. Created Gainesville hosted an Amazing Give Kick-off event for donors and other friends of the organization. I MC'ed the event, and we held a silent auction, raffles, and one of the strong women, Becky, that has been through Created Care, shared her story. Through promotional videos and social media posts and peer-to-peer fundraising pages, we raised over $4,000 during The Amazing Give!

The Amazing Give Promotional Material


What I enjoyed the most about interning at Created Gainesville was that every day was different. I have been a model and a photographer for Created merchandise, I have made countless graphics advertising events and spreading awareness about the dark realities of sex trafficking. I have watched and given feedback while Created restructured their entire volunteer model. I have been moved to tears as women still on the street visited the Created office for some much needed support. I have grown immensely in my last five months at Created Gainesville, and I could not be more thankful.