ed sheeran

picture of ed sheeran in concert

Photo by Christopher Johnson

Hi, I'm Hailey Anderton, and I'm an Ed Sheeran fan. Here's why I think you should be one too. Ed Sheeran, or "Ginger Jesus" as some call him, embodies everything you could ever want from a singer songwriter. Ed is extremely talented (watch this Youtube clip for proof), his lyrics speak straight to your soul, and fame has not mutilated his humility (*cough* John Mayer *cough*). I have seen Ed live in concert twice. In hand-me-down jeans and a hoodie, he stands up on stage with nothing but a guitar and a loop pedal at his feet and somehow manages to captivate an entire stadium. True talent does not require gimmicks and production to distract from it. Not to mention, Ed's music doesn't fit the mold of any genre, it's part R&B, part folk, part pop and part indie. So basically, anyone and everyone should love Ed Sheeran. Get a sample of his ever-changing sound and distinct talent by clicking the album covers below.

plus album cover

"Give Me Love"

Ed Sheeran

five album cover

"You Need Me Man, I Don't Need You"

Ed Sheeran

multiply album cover

"Thinking Out Loud"

Ed Sheeran

multiply: wembley edition album cover

"Take It Back"

Ed Sheeran